Shiver at the weird noises…


Your evening walking tour begins at our ticket office on the Royal Mile, with an introduction from your costumed guide as they reveal their true, unnerving identity; they may be an unscrupulous surgeon, a cannibal’s wife or a satanic town guardsman.
Whatever their identity they have stories aplenty to tell! Walk up the Royal Mile via the site of Scotland’s former parliament and the city’s old, barbaric prison; you’ll be amazed at the bloody events which took place there. All the while your guide will tell you enthralling tales related to these sights involving bodysnatchers, witchfinders, murderers, cannibals and even lawyers and politicians!

Next leave the comforting streetlights behind and enter Edinburgh’s haunted graveyard. Find out about the ghosts trapped within the cemetery walls and see the evidence of its connections with the bodysnatchers as well as two of Edinburgh’s more notorious former citizens William Burke and William Hare.

For the final part of the ghost tour the guide will show our section of underground. You will see walls from former houses, eighteenth-century bridgework and even the modern street above through our skylight. When you’re underground though beware the long-dead former inhabitants still seen from time to time on our tours inside the dark chambers. The tour ends with your guide leading you out of the underground and back to our ticket office.


PRICE: Adults: £18 Concession: £17 Child: £12
DAILY: 8:45 pm
DURATION: 1 hour 15mins


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WHERE: Underground Ghost Tour Edinburgh

The Old Police Box, Edinburgh



The Edinburgh Fright Night Tour starts from our Old Police Box, 124A High Street, Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH1 1QS.


The Edinburgh Fright Night Tour ends from our Old Police Box, 124A High Street, Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH1 1QS.

FAQ: for Edinburgh guided tours

Where can I book this tour?
This tour can be booked online using the widget above, through our ticket office which you can call on 0131 220 6868, or at the office itself at Old Police Box, 9 Hunter Square, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, EH1 1QS. It is recommended that you book because our tours can very easily sell out especially during the summer months.
Is there a lot of walking on this Tour?
With the exception of the Alternative Tour and the Ultimate Old Town Historical Tour, there is only a small amount of walking on our tours. However please wear comfortable shoes otherwise you will find the Old Town’s cobblestones rather unpleasant!
Can children come on this tour?
Children over five years old are welcome on all our tours, except for the Pub Crawl, the Extreme Paranormal Tour and the Ladies of Pleasure Tour, provided they are accompanied by an adult.
Is the underground wheelchair accessible?
Unfortunately our underground is only accessible via a flight of stairs. For more information about the underground visit our accessibility section.
Will this tour run in bad weather?
Our tours run in rain, hail, sleet or snow, so long as we have people booked on, willing to do the tour it will run. Please wrap warm though if the weather is not on our side.

For any other questions please contact us at 0131 220 6868 or through