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Old Town & Underground Historical Ghost Tour @ 11:00; 14:15

Explore the Mystery of the Past

Quick Details

Adult ages 15+
Concession NHS, Students, Seniors etc
Child ages 5 to 14

Join a local historian on our historical walking tour around Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile

Learn about Edinburgh’s fascinating history, literature heroes, infamous criminals and battles that shaped our city into what it is today.

This tour will take you into parts of Edinburgh that you did not know existed, off the tourist trail. From hidden Victorian gardens to centuries old buildings with plenty a story attached.

Hear about how the first skyscrapers in the world were built in Edinburgh, indeed we hosted the tallest buildings in the world long before any other country caught onto the trend. Find out who the famous local criminal was that became the inspiration for Jekyll & Hyde. Learn where the word Black Market came from, where Ebeneezer Scrooge is buried (yes, really) and how Edinburgh University worked closely with the serial killers Burke & Hare.

Edinburgh’s history is long and fascinating, made even more special when told by our enthusiastic and passionate guides.

Our tour includes a visit to Edinburgh’s Underground Vaults, one of the most hidden and historic places in all of Edinburgh. Your guide will tell you about our Underground’s dark history and some of the strangest things that happen down there as well as some famous historic characters connected to our specific vaults.

This tour is available in French, German and Italian for groups of more than 5.

Please contact us in advance to arrange this.

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