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Bringing Our Past to Life


First and foremost our guides are chosen for their passion for Scotland’s incredible history and their expertise in bringing the events of our past to life.

Our tour guides are dressed in full period costume and each play a real individual from this city’s history, please take a moment to get to know a few of them. Each guide is encouraged to bring their own personality to the role and therefore, they enjoy the full freedom to relate their favourite tales.
The long-standing motto of our company is Be Enlightened & Be Frightened. While some of the stories you hear on our tours may seem too incredible to be true, they are all based on real people and actual real life events.

Our founder is a published local historian and a number of our cultural tours have been developed by a PhD in Scottish history. The spine tingling stories told on our tours mean that unlike other tour providers, we do not require jump scares or cheap tricks to thrill our guests.


We have exclusive access to our own pieces of Edinburgh’s famous underground.

When South Bridge was constructed between 1785 and 1788 parts of a former Old Town Close were absorbed into the bridgework. Our tours show you a section of this former street where you can see eighteenth-century bridge arches and also stonework which form part of seventeenth-century houses. For more information on the accessibility of our underground please click here.


Prior to the forming of City of Edinburgh Tours, we were alerted to the chance to purchase one of the most sought former police boxes, situated on the Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile of which, would later become our now ticket office.

Our founder was the first person to offer underground ghost tours in Edinburgh. Born and raised on the Royal Mile he retains a genuine passion for the history of Edinburgh. It’s that passion that remains the main reason he continues to host tours many years later.
As the years progress, our company continues to evolve into one of the cities most prominent locally run tour providers.