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Content Warning

We are very sorry should a tour not meet expectations. As a ghost tour, we focus on providing the dark history of Edinburgh, which combines real, dark facts from the history of this city, plus some stories that have been passed through generations, such as what happened in vaults in 1645, one of the worst years of the plague in Edinburgh and 1824, the great fire of Edinburgh. Both stories aim at showing that living conditions in Edinburgh back in the day were indeed difficult and challenging, and that many times those on the receiving end of these tragedies were children.

In the spirit of care for the group, before proceeding with the stories, the guide gives a content warning, saying that this is the most gruesome part of the tour, in case the contents of these stories are too strong for some people and especially children. We sincerely apologise if you feel this not to be enough. We concentrate our efforts to make sure that our customers are aware of the potentially unsettling contents of our stories.